Monday, August 31, 2015

Know Some WSOP Shops and Vendors

WSOP used a be pure game for players to win the championship. Then some other elements are added, such as TV, medias, sponsors, and dealers. So after the WSOP event, not many players will have more money than they came with, but also many dealers will win a lot.


First, have a look at the Rio Convention Center, which is the largest WSOP retail outlet. Here, you can buy the hottest official Main Event jacket, in both grey and black ($74.59, including tax).

Besides, you can also get the Main Event t-shirts and the Black Clover-branded “Live Lucky” jacket. However, people are purchasing more than just clothing from the WSOP. They also will buy other things, such as the chips with a limited edition or platinum-plated series of 300 collectible coins.

You may also find many vendors down the main hallway outside of the Pavilion, Brasilia, and Amazon Rooms. For example, you can buy some poker books in Gripsed Poker Training.

For Crush Live Poker, you can subscript their video training site and enjoy the coupon code of the special poker chips.

Here is a question: after you capture the prize and gold bracelets, how will you use the money? How will you deal with the tax thing?

Don't worry, for Kondler & Associates will always be helpful. Their customers come from all over the world, including some players who won over $30,000,000 prize. So just pass your problem to them. As the specialist, they will give you a word of advice and create a plan for you as early as possible. However, if you're unlucky to win anything from the WSOP event, do not worry, for you just spend $0.75 to purchase some WSOP official souvenir chips. So be quick and go!

Some Master Builders in the Poker Industry

Some professional players are famous for their unbelievable chip stack skills, such as WSOP world champion Carlos Mortensen. Some others like to use the chips to build a small chatelet. However, their works cannot be compared with the mini city made up of chips, which has an unbelievable arrangement style and color. It was created by Liu Jianhua who spent a lot of time on it several years ago. Here is a picture of it:

If you think the chip stack is not good enough, you can have a look at some other complicated things made by Bryan Berg. He's a well-educated architect and Guinness record holder, who used 218,792 poker cards to build a copy of the Venetian in Macau several years ago.

Will you want to have a try after seeing this? So just try to build a card building at your home.

Neymar Showed Up in Main Event Day5

Poker in Brazilian is under fast growth now. Besides Bruno Politano winning an 8th place, taking a giant step forward last year, soccer star Neymar and Ronaldo also showed their concerns for this nation's poker development.
Neymar, showed up on Main Event Day5 to encourage his friend Felipe "Mojave" Ramos, a professional poker player. As a famous public figure, Neymar's presence attracted many of his fans. And he patiently took pictures with them. After that he talked with Hellmuth for a while, and expressed his best wishes for his friend, then left.
It's very special for such a big star coming here to show his support. According to Ramos: "All the biggest athletes are supporting poker, the game is legal, and you can play it everywhere as it's considered a sport," He also mentioned that "Bruno's run was huge, because he was the first Brazilian to make the final table.
"I don't even have the words to describe it, because he got the attention normally only the biggest sports, soccer, and volleyball get." Ramos said. 
He revealed that it's hard to be a professional poker players in Brazil, because the buy-in was a huge sum of money when exchanged to dollars. He was proud of being this kind of player for many years.
In a matter of fact, we found six Brazilians on the beginning of Day5, presently Piragibe Lindolfo (207th - $40,433) and Thiago Macedo (180th - $40,433) got knocked out quickly. 
Now, we are looking forward to hear good news from the rest of them.

Alvin Clarence Thomas, a legend in Texas Hold'em

There's a man, who killed five men, who married five women, who once bet Al Capone (the most vicious gang boss in American at that time) and won and survived, who had a great achievement in many industries (especially in golf), who lost to other gamblers, who had been famous before the first poker star in Las Vegas. He is just Alvin Clarence Thomas, a legend in the U.S.. His life has been recast into a musical.

Marlon Brand (a famous American actor with the God-Father magnum opus) once told Frank Sinatra (the most popular American singer in the 20th century):" If this guy bets with you, just do not agree with him, for he can pick out Js from a new pair of poker cards and places it near you ear, then cider would come from the Js. This may sound funny, but I just tell you not no bet with this guy, for he can do this!"

From 1920s to 1960s, Thomas almost attended in all the athletics. He once spent millions of dollars playing golf, poker, or other games. He was even bankrupted once due to the horse racing.

In 1908, Thompson left his hometown and went to Arkansas at the age of 16. He couldn't read or write, he had no money, but he became a sergeant during the First World War. It's said that he liked to bet with soldiers and won a lot of money, about $50,000, from them.

After the war he became the most famous gambler in the American history. He liked to bet on many things, and he seldom failed.

A famous bet is with Al Capone (the most vicious gang boss in American at that time; equal Du Yuesheng of Shanghai Gangdom in 1920s). He bet he could throw a lemon onto the roof of a five-story hotel (he had won others in this way). Al Capone did not believe him and took the bet.

It's said that Al Capone found a lemon by himself and depleted of the lemon. However, Thomas filled in the lemon and threw it to the roof by using the leverage and won $500 from Al Capone. The most important is that he could leave safely after the bet and won the respect of the most dangerous person in the U.S. at that time.

Thomas won several millions of dollars almost at the age of 40, including those won from poker and dice games. In 1930, he began to play golf. At that time, he earned money mainly by defeating the lawyers, bankers, and winebibbers in the Texas Hold'em. He usually played golf without a rest after playing the card until the early morning. Soon, he found a way to earn money by playing golf. He once won $20,000 from a golf champion in a bet.

In 1971, Thomas held a world poker event won by his friend Johnny Moss. In 1974, Thomas died due to stroke at the age of 85.

Poker Kid Daniel Negreanu Will Hold PokerStars VIP Club Party

Daniel Negreanu, the “kid poker” will hold the PokerStars VIP Club on August 1 in Tronto, Canada. You can enjoy a crazy, amazing party there not only with Negreanu but also many other notable poker pros or celebrities. 
The last party of PokerStars VIP Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. What will happen in the next party?
Based on the coverage from PokerStars, a $50,000 Celebrity Charity Shootout will be held as an earlier segment of this party. The NHL All-Star Phil Kessel will take part in. The easiest way for you to join this party is to use your FPPs to buy a ticket in the PokerStars VIP store.